#23557 - MMC - Fireside Chat w/ producer-director Mali Elfman

Requesting a website claim url for event #23557 - MMC - Fireside Chat w/ producer-director Mali Elfman

This is a private event with an estimated 300 people expected in attendance.

Hey @MMC Thanks so much for submitting a petition with POAP!

I see you put your petition in 36minutes ago. Just wanted to let you know we’re taking a look now and will get back to you as soon as possible — we appreciate your patience.


Thank you, Steve. I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

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Hey @MMC!

Could you please provide more information about the event? On which platform are you holding this AMA?
In order to prevent farming, it’s important that you choose the delivery method that best fits your event.

Please check this document to learn more about the subject: Curator Guidelines: Creating Quality Drops


Of course!

This is a private event that will be held in our Discord Stage. The POAP will only be available to members and only posted in that Discord for a brief period of time in the last few moments of the event (we are not announcing that there will be a POAP until we drop the link - this is to prevent farming). We have a very small community and expect around 300 people to attend so manually giving out each POAP link is not possible at this point. We tried to use a POAP bot before but it became a mess on the backend, we would prefer a site link (with captcha challenge if possible) or if you have another method that would work, we’re happy to consider that as well (such as the secret phrase method).

Any update on this request? Our event is tomorrow and we want to make sure we have everything squared away. Let me know.


Hey @MMC,
Have you tried the Degen bot ? It’s really the best thing regarding discord stages.
In any case, we probably won’t be able to give you a POAP.website. If the degen bot doesn’t work for what ever reason yet, you should request a secret word (which is only mintable through our POAP app).
See here for more details on it

In case you are using the secret word : Please only tell the secret word verbally, don’t post it.

We’ve tried the Degen bot, it did not work well for us.

Can you issue a Secret Word for us then? I submitted a secret word request.

Please get back to me ASAP as it’s been days since we submitted and the event is today.


Hey @MMC,
We reviewed your event and gave you 200 codes over a secret word.
I would still strongly advise you to try out the degen bot. Visit their server if you have any technical problems with it. :slight_smile:

Got the approval email but what link do they visit to use the secret word?

For security reasons we are advising our community to keep their DMs closed which limits the bots capabilities. We’ve also talked to the Degen team because currently the bot’s commands are visible to all members which is another issue. when they develop the bot more we will switch to using it.

Hey, i hope it’s not to late, but they would need to enter your secret word into the POAP app to mint it.
Downloadable here
Android : https://poap.xyz/android
Apple IOS : https://poap.xyz/ios

Great, thanks!!

Some attendees are getting this error message from the app. Is there a fix?

Secret word is spelled correctly btw

Could you contact our support on http://poap.xyz/ for that ? Just click the chat icon on the bottom right corner.
It’s probably best to request some mint links for those that couldn’t mint it through the secret word. But please be careful, there are many people that pretend to have attended just to get a POAP, i would advise to give it out to those that you know actually attended.