#23541 - Wedding witness in 28 Jan

Hi, Poap admin.

I made a poap event yesterday for my coming wedding in 28 Jan.

I only ask for 66 codes deliver by mannul to who will join my wedding or send blessing to me.

Can you help review and give me an approval

Hello Kunkun,

Your event is still pending, it sometimes takes a bit longer when there are many requests at the same time.
We will look into this as soon as possible. There will definetly be an answer before your wedding, congratulations on that by the way!

Kevin from the Curation Body

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Thanks. I want to have this poap as a souvenir for my wedding.
Look forward to hear from you soon

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Any update Kev? :smiley: Speaking to them on intercom currently

Hi Dyllon,

I’ve bumbed this back to the top. It will get done today.

Thanks for the reminder!

Hey @kunkun,
Your event was reviewed with positive results :slight_smile:

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Many thanks and have a good day, Sir

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