#23477 Homies in Dreamland Twitter Spaces #1 1/17

Requesting approval for Delivery#1060

Hey @coolmatt! Thanks for submitting a petition for us to review your drop request.

We’re taking a look now and will get back to you as soon as possible — we appreciate your patience :pray:

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Hey there - just following up to see if there is an update! Thank you so much

Hey Coolmatt,

There is some confusion about the event you requested. Could you elaborate further on the following things?

Distribution method: it seems like you requested both mint links and a poap.deliver, why is that? Usually only 1 distribution method is optimal.

How did you get participated addresses in this Twitter space?

We are trying to avoid POAP events getting farmed.

Kevster from the Curation Body

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Hey there,
Yes happy to help. We take farming just as seriously as we only want our members to get POAPs. For this event we had a peak of ~790 guests in our Twitter Spaces so the submitted number looks correct. To ensure it wasn’t farmed, we created a Google sheet with Discord name, Wallet address, and “secret code” that was only issued VERBALLY during the event by our moderators. Open to any other feedback we can do for next time, but I’m fairly confident our process was successful as we didn’t get thousands of spam submissions beyond our attendance numbers. We also only kept the form open for less than 30 minutes to ensure it wasn’t shared.

Re distribution method, it will be primarily via Delivery but I have been requesting 50 codes of each event for team members that maybe didn’t submit their wallet as they were speaking during the event. I myself forgot to include my wallet haha. I don’t think we will use the full 50 and the rest will expire. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Here’s a screenshot during the spaces - we peaked at almost 800 people. We had Tommy Chong (508K followers) and Cheech Marin (155K) in attendance too!

We have another Twitter Spaces and POAP tomorrow, so I’d love any feedback on our process before tomorrows event if possible. Thanks again team!

Hi team - our next event is in a few hours, would love some guidance on the above. Thanks!

Hi again,
Our event is in 2 hours - we will go with the same google form + audio only password unless you have any more suggestions by then! Thx


Your drop was reviewed with positive results.
Thanks for contributing to POAP!