#23380 - sheep to moon

Event ID: 23380
Description: Commemorating the first person in the community, Mr. Sheep MEME, it is his appearance that keeps the community from being lonely. This POAP will only issue 20 pieces!
Date: |Wednesday, Jan 19|
Codes requested: 20
Distribution method: manual

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Could you please provide more information? If you have any links, socials, or more event info, it would be most appreciated. Also if you could share your own POAP collection it would be helpful.

We are striving to create the best ecosystem for the preservation of memories.
This info will help us serve the Web 3.0 community more reliably.


All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

Here are some of the events we’ve created

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@Fio bro, are you still there?

@Steve Hi bro, can you take a look at my request? Is there anything else to add…

Hi Simple,

Your event is still in the approval process. Your past 2 events where approved but there was not a single POAP delivered. (POAP Gallery and POAP Gallery)

Could you explain first why there where no POAPs minted before we continue reviewing the rerquest you made yesterday?

Kind regards,
Kevin from the Curation Body

Our event is ongoing and not over yet… :rofl:

The dates on the previous events are December 31 and January 12. Yet there are no POAPs minted, can you explain this?

We want to avoid organisers creating empty POAP events.

At that time, because the gap between the number of applications and the number of passes was too great, we could only make a lottery decision based on what everyone could have. The raffle is still going on…

Sorry my English is all translated by Google, so the expression may not be very clear… Please forgive me


Is my request still under review?

Hello Simple.

Unfortunatly your request had a negative review, the main issue was that this was not seen as an event.
Please consider giving this article a read for future requests.

Kevster from the Curation Body