#23367 - tmt white list access - 2022 2022-01-17

Hi, we are a community project hosted by @thenftdao (https://thenftdao.eth.link) building an equitable metaverse real estate project, and we would like to use a POAP to track who has qualified for the white list to early minting access for our NFT leases. We would like to not only give your POAPS to spread your platform’s usage but we want to integrate functionality where only holders of the POAP can mint an nft metaverse lease before the public on our platform, https://tmt.properties.

We have a yellow paper on our website with more details, @thenftdao has a community of almost 2000 members so we are not some fly by night project, we have proof of what we’re building in videos as well. Please let me know what you need to know that we are a legitimate project.

I appreciate your time.

Richard from @TheNFTDAO.

Hey @TheMirrorTowers! Thanks for submitting a petition for us to review your drop request.

We’re taking a look now and will get back to you as soon as possible — we appreciate your patience :pray:

Hello TheMirrorTowers,

I see there are currently 2 pending requests for the same POAP.
Note that POAPs are meant to be handed out during events.

It is unclear what event is represented by your POAP request. Could you elaborate a bit more about how users qualified for this POAP/event and what it was?
You mention a whitelist, is this on-chain? Because then I recommend using poap.delivery instead of mint links.

Kevster from the Curation Body

Hey Kevster,

It is an ongoing event where users earn a whitelist spot for a metaverse lease NFT when they participate in or interact with TheNFTDAO, either through social media contributions, content creation, documentation or onboarding new NFT creators. The event is an ongoing onboarding initiative that TheNFTDAO is rewarding users with for helping newcomers. If you check out thenftdao.eth.link and tmt.properties, and the social media accounts on those pages all of the details and community interaction will become very clear. It is a 2 week onboarding event with a poap reward for contribution + attendance.

Hope this clears things up, please let me know if you need more information or if poap.delivery would be best for this.

Appreciate it.


hi it’s been 17 hours since the last reply. I’m seeing people get approvals for events that are literally just “fill a seat and you get an nft”, like the twitter spaces poaps when ours is one that actually requires community engagement with TheNFTDAO, we have a white paper and we have utility, actual events that people have attended not just free nft live streams.

I understand the team wants to politically align by approving events that make them look good to their 10m$ seed round investors but please look at the utility and actual engagement necessary to get our POAP. Do we need to hop on a call? I’m seeing other poaps being approved for just sitting in a twitter space when ours is one that actually does something.


We appreciate your patience. The approval process for larger drops, can take longer.
We have no tolerance for disrespect on this forum. I wish you the best with future requests, but I am closing this issue as a result of your behavior.

It’s likely your event did not get approved due to a poor description + bad artwork.
( Your POAP is not an event)

Apologies if this process was not 100% clear or straight forward.

Approval time for events changes based on necessary criteria: date requested, # of requested codes, trusted issuer etc.

You can find a number resources here:

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body.