#23344 - CryptoSkulls X TrashArt Space with ROBNESS - Tuesday 18th Jan 2022

gm POAP community!

The CryptoSkulls team would like to distribute POAPs during our Twitter Space with ROBNESS on Tuesday 18th Jan.

We intend to use a secret passphrase during the Twitter event and manually approve POAP requests.

Recent Spaces have had 5,000-10,000 people rotate through over 6+ hours of the event so we would like to have at least 500 POAPs available if possible.

Please find associated bios of the event organisers/co-hosts below:


I was directed to post here by the POAP Twitter account.

Please can the team assist with approving the event if at all possible?

Many thanks!


Hey @0xArt,
So you haven’t created your event already ?
Sry for directing you from platform to platform, but have a look here on how to create your POAP

You can also contact our support on https://poap.xyz/ if you have any difficulties on creating your event. They are pretty fast :slight_smile:
Just click on the chat icon on the right bottom corner for that.

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Thanks you I setup the event!! #23344

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Thank you for approving the event @HeuRea

I realize I should have provided more evidence of our Twitter Space attendee numbers.

Here is a screenshot you can see the unique attendee number was over 45,000, although we had people filtering in and out of the space over around 8 hours, at any one time there were several thousand listening to the Space.

On today’s space, we expect at least 3,000-5,000 attendees. Would it be possible to increase the POAP number to 1,000? I have requested this via the event page too.

Please let me know if more evidence is required the team is standing ready to provide this.

Thank you!

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@HeuRea I have been speaking with them on intercom, hopefully the information he provided was correct!

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Yes he asked me to show the screenshot evidence of the spaces attendance so you can raise the POAP issue to 1,000 considering the amount of people it will mint out quicky on the event, so low risk for bot grab

@HeuRea sorry forgot to tag you above ^

Hey @0xArt,
Is this this your first drop ?
We usually don’t give away that many codes for new issuers.
Edit : I see that your event got another 250 mint links an hour ago.

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Hi @HeuRea just wanted to say thank you for your help with this, we had a very successful POAP drop and the community were all super excited and loved their POAPs!!

We hope to do another POAP for our next event very soon :slight_smile: