#23334 - Nulink army naming final voting winner luck draw-Jan 1 to Jan 30

Event ID: #23334 - Nulink army naming final voting winner luck draw
Description: Nulink army naming after 4 rounds, more than 5500 voting. Finally system automatic select final winners to grant special poap, which is also be the weighting for future whitelist and coin airdrop. It is so active participation by our global community.
Date: Jan 1-Jan 30, 2022
Codes requested: 60
Distribution method: Poap Delivery / manually verified

We have public the lucky draw result in our official twitter, I want to apply 60 codes of links, thank you very much! The event is finished and the winners are waiting for poap releasing, thanks!

Hey @NuLink ,

Thanks for submitting a petition for us to review your drop request.

We are curious: What voting are you referring to? Governance via snapshot or something else? Could you provide more information on your community?

We’re taking a look now and will get back to you as soon as possible — we appreciate your patience :pray:

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

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Dear Frankie,

The voting is referring to our community member general Name. For example, the Coin Nucypher , all Nucypher followers call themselves " Nu Clan" and tag or label it in their social medias. Using this meme way; it is exclusive identity for the communities. As Nulink community fans, we also begin to call our whole community with the 1st winner name- Nustar. The voting is globally, public via our Twitter, Discord, Telegram. Everyone has 1 chance to fill google form to vote; As thousands participates join in, so we select the lucky ones to grant POAP, which will be used in future airdrop and Whitelist as our estimated launching time is Q1 or Q2, 2022.

Hopefully you understand we will continue to encourage peoples to join in our community activities to make our community stronger and unity together. So this voting our army name is important step for us.

Thanks for understanding and looking forward your feedback.

Best Regards,


Dear Frankie,

Can you kindly advise when can we get the Poap after team review?

Thanks & Best Regards,


Hi Admin,

Can you kindly help us for the issuing? Thanks!

Looking forward to your reply!