#23244 – Meme Exploration: A Quest for Doge – Approval request

Hi everyone, I created a poap event few days ago but no news since then (using delivery)
Event ID: #23244 / Event for meme.com
Description : Meme Exploration: A Quest for Doge
You successfully finished the first Quest! Meme explorers help discover and document the story of memes.
Distribution Method: poap.delivery (POAP)

Hello Omahs,

Your event is under review, this lasted a bit longer as usual because we needed more information for it to pass from the first time.

We have that information now though, so you can expect an email back when it is approved within 24 hours.

Kevster from the Curation Body

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Hey @omahs,
Your event just got a positive review :slight_smile: