#23216 — Time Machine poap request(Drop Data:20-01-2022)

1、What isTime Machine?
On the official website(url:Loop) of our event, click on the top area to generate your own personalised label.

The generated poster, in which you can see your own activity data for 2021.The poster looks as follows:

2、What poap is used for?
We use poap to proof which players have come to participate in our events.We collected probably 1700 addresses and submitted them in the poap application.
We plan to distribute the poap on the 20th. Hopefully it will be reviewed soon.

3、About our team:
Official website:Loop
Discord:Ownership Labs
github:Ownership Labs · GitHub

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Hello Curators!

I’ve been working with this POAP issuer since last friday, I didnt get back to him until tonights conversation! I believe this #22335-Time Machine(Drop Date: 20-01-2022) was the previous Topic they had posted.

I had cleared some information about proper Drop Request , Hopefully this can get Approved before their January 20th Deadline!

Thank you :smile:

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Many thanks for your support! We are looking forward to this POAP delivery, and our community members really want the POAP. So our team members also open a new request. Sorry for it. But we provide more detailed information there. You can check it. #23216-Loop Time Machine and Your Web3 Memories event Approval Request(20-Jan-2022)

Hey @yep,
We usually don’t give out that many codes for new issuers.
Have you created an event in the past ?

Hi, @HeuRea I am very thankful to receive your feedback (maybe yep is asleep now). We already received 50 POAPs for testing many days ago. Now really want to distribute POAPs to every of the Loop Time Machine participators. As you can see, we made some mistakes (one for wrong POAP numbers, and one for new discourse request) and would be more carefully about the POAP application in the future. Sorry for it and thank you.

Within the previously submitted application, we got 50 poaps. However, considering that we had almost 1700 participants, this number of poaps is quite limited. Hence, we have submitted a new application.

I meant other events you have done.
Sry, i don’t think we can give this one a positive review.

This is the first time that we issue poaps to our users as a voucher for an event. Indeed, after filtering out both farmers and duplicated participants, we are still requesting poaps and expecting 1,000 poaps in total for our participants. Thank you for your patience and hope to get your approval this time. @HeuRea

Hey @HeuRea
Can you still see our conversation?

Hi, many thanks for your support. I thinks everything is difficult at the beginning. We are still very enthusiastic to convince you to give us a chance then we can start. Whenever you are free, at least tell us how many POAPs we can delivery to our community members!