#23196 - Shir ya Khat Astronauts club

Hey there,

We are a non-profit podcast based in Canada (Documents available upon request).

This is a POAP drop to all our Gitcoin and Giveth contributors to thank them for their support. The total number of addresses to be able to claim this poap is around 1150 unique addresses.

A few of the known entities that are in the recipients list of this POAP request:

  • Tim Beiko
  • Griff Green
  • Richard Schumann
  • Jeff Coleman
  • TokenBrice
  • Michael Zargham
  • Joseph Delong
  • Sam Richards
  • Kevin Owocki
  • Kris Jones
  • DeFi Dad
  • Vasa Develop
  • Willy Wonka
  • Lauren Luz
  • Ben West
  • Spencer Noon

We want to announce the drop this (or next) week, and due to nature of this drop we want a longer expiry time (going for May 4th as the latest day to claim).



We are sorry, but we can’t accept any events from sanctioned countries – we reviewed the website you left on the description of the petition.

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

Hi @Fio ,

We are based in Canada and only serve in the metaverse. Our goal is to increase diversity and inclusion.

Sorry for any confusion, I think there’s a misunderstanding as I’m not aware of any sanctions against Canada.

Happy to jump on a quick call to clarify any misunderstanding.


Hello @fiorescan,

I have been helping Women in Blockchain Farsi with their grants, which is included in this POAP drop.

Please closely review the application. The application doesn’t state anywhere (as you are implying) that there is a country of origins involved and your decision to deactivate this application is 100% discriminatory.

First of all, there are NO monetary transactions involved here that would make this case even remotely a sanction violation. Secondly, nowhere in this request is there even a nation state involved!! Thirdly, we could not find any mention of laws that POAP is operating under. Your decision would make sense if this was an actual violation of sanctions, but the fact that you are choosing to ignore the case at hand going off based on nothing is significantly pushing back the progress of the blockchain ecosystem and setting an unjust - and not to mention - a misguided precedent that is going to affect millions of people.

Please let us know the reasons behind your decision and if we can provide any additional proof to remove your doubts about these facts.

Hey guys,

Thanks for speaking up. This is a somewhat contentious issue; happy to take it to the DMs. In short, while we really don’t like the situation, the current stance on POAP drops is that they are a commercial activity subject to US sanctions, and therefore, we aren’t able to serve certain countries without encountering substantial operations issues.

That said, if this is an activity on behalf of a cultural group (and not located in an area where we’re unable to provide service), we should re-consider the verdict. Please DM me with anything supporting the “based in Canada” claim, as I can appreciate the information may be sensitive.

Thanks Isable for a reply.

I’m not aware what the “contentious issue” is here.

To clarify further, Shir Ya Khat is a podcast, mostly in Farsi, started in 2016 in Canada. We have English episodes such as Blockchain Through Philosophy - an Interview with Creston Davis, PhD GCAS College Dublin.

Based on the definition of “cultural group”, yes we are a cultural group that is not located in any specific area that anyone would be unable to provide services.

A cultural group is defined simply as a collection of individuals who share a core set of beliefs, patterns of behavior, and values . The groups may be large or small, but they are identified by their ways of thinking and behaving.

All our content and basically existence is hosted on these services:

So what you are saying, is that POAP, a permissioned sticker service on the blockchain, runs into substantial operations issues that all above services have figured out how to deal with?

I will provide any supporting document to resolve this, however, I need to know what the review process at POAP is and how these documents will be handled!

  • Do you follow any of the KYC/AML policies that can be offered to us to review? We were not able to find any links to policies nor Terms and Conditions in any of your websites.
  • What are the methods to verify the identity of persons and entities?
  • Who will have access to the personal documents and where would they be stored? Will the provided personal documents be protected by the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA)?

And one last question, are all the POAP requests going through the same scrutiny (review process) as this one?

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Yes, I see the podcast - no problem on this. The questionable point, as far as we’re concerned, is the location of issuing entities, which is a contentious topic as far as our obligations on the compliance front are concerned. The services you mentioned don’t have the same regulatory overhead as most web3 companies.

Regarding the second part of the message, we can’t accommodate your request to review the policies etc. in place, as this is the first case in which we’d be willing to consider an appeal based on documents presented. In general, all petitions undergo a stringent review process. As the protocol has grown in size, this has become more necessary.

All this said, we don’t work with issuers who try to resolve petition requests by flaming us on social media, full stop. This isn’t the sort of attitude towards conflict resolution we tolerate within our community, so I’m locking this thread.