#23186 Happy 18th Birthday Grace

This commemorative POAP is to celebrate my daughters 18th Birthday. She is a female NFT artist w/ her own NFT collection.

This POAP is for those who have collected her previous POAPS and have left kind comments.

The request is for 300. Will be distributed in Twitter DM. It is for those who have previously commented on her art. A surprise gift for them.

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Hey @DrMalachi!

Happy birthday to your daughter :partying_face: – we’re very happy to see young artists in the space, and thanks to you for being such an active member of the POAP ecosystem and our issuer community!

We’re reviewing your request now :smiley:

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Thank you & most grateful

Just following back up on the birthday POAP. I have a few hundred who interacted w/ the birthday Tweet I post. No worries