23165 - Black 'Verse 2022

Event ID: 23165
Please see original request for full description of private event requested.
Description: Congratulations! Today you chose to FEAR LESS about the Metaverse!

Black 'Verse supports the Education, Training and Advancement of Beautiful Black people through the decentralized Metaverse and Multiverse.
Date: January 16th
Codes Requested: 75
Please ignore the request for the code word as the event has now past but need the codes to distribute to participants.

Hey @technikole ! Thanks for submitting a petition for us to review your drop request.

We’re taking a look now and will get back to you as soon as possible — we appreciate your patience :pray:

Hi checking in - thanks

Hey @technikole

Can you please provide more information? How are you distributing POAPs for a past event?

Also if you could share your own POAP collection would be helpful :slight_smile:


@fiorescan @matei

Please review the original request. As mentioned this was a private event. The original request is on the POAP event tool. The event # is 23165 and was requested on Sunday for Sunday evenings event. That has now past. Because it has now past I cannot do the code word I intended for the event which is why I asked to ignore it. The POAPs will be issued to the users who were present in the room based on the screenshots that I have.

This is a very odd request. I have submitted POAPs and not been quizzed on how many I own myself? Please check my bio if you are interested in me or my cause. I’m not understanding how that is relevant to a request of a POAP as literally anyone can request one for an event? To review another POAP that was submitted please check [22267], [23393], [21269] Please also note, that the one submitted on Monday for Monday was completed already. This is a bottleneck with no apparent reason behind it. Just need to be aware of the delay and additional time this process is now causing me.

Please escalate this request. Thank you

Please close this request. Not resolved.