#23149 - PEEing all over Reddit - 18/01/2022


This poap will be to celebrate the distribution of EXARPEE, aka PEE, a token without any value on the harmony chain which is distributed completely for free to all users on r/altstreetbets.

As we always do a poap drop for every event we do, we would like to also do a poap drop for this event. ASB POAP collection

We will distribute through our POAP bot we developed many moons ago. It will be given to every user with more than 10 karma earnt on r/altstreetbets.

Kind regards,
ASB mod team

Hey @AltStreetBets Thanks so much for submitting a petition with POAP!

Just wanted to let you know we’re taking a look now and will get back to you as soon as possible β€” we appreciate your patience. Thanks for linking us directly to the project! It always makes things easier on our end

  • Steve

You should have your codes by now!

Out of interest, can you let us know how your bot works?
We are always interested in how our users distribute their POAPs.


Hey! Sorry for the very late reply.

The bot works through a javascript / electron app. Today I will making a video on how to set it up for my fellow moderators, I will share it here as well then:).

But to put it very simple;

  • it logins into a reddit account through a webapp (i believe)
  • then you first collect all usernames under a post and puts them in a file
  • then you take this file together with the link file and write a nice message
  • then press send

If you want faster contact with us (cause to tbh, i rarely check this forum), you can reach us over at r/altstreetbets modmail, or patricio and tom are still in the altstreetbets business discord so we are reachable there as well.

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