#23136 Happy Chinese New Year Tiger 2022 (01/16/22)

We’ll hold a online event to celebrate the coming year of tiger for EnlightDAO DAOers, This Chinese Paper-cut POAP is poof of participation, best wishes to all of you!!!
EnlightDAO is an education DAO of blockchain, crypto assets, web3.0, metaverse, etc.

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How to participate this event?

On discord community call,and this is our channel:

Welcome and Thanks a lot.

I didn’t receive QR codes or any response, Am I sent a wrong message?
@HeuRea Thanks a a lot.

Hey @WoKough,

Good to know, that would be important information to include in your event description.

Can you tell me how you are going to distribute those codes ?

Thanks for reply, and we’ll distribute manually.

I think the event was 2 days ago(?), did you track the people that attended in your event ?
If yes, how many attended ?

Yes, We tracked, And the detail as follows:

Event ID:23136
Description: Happy Chinese New Year Tiger 2022
Date: Jan 16, 2022
Codes Requested: 100
Distribution: manually

Hello, I haven’t received the QR codes, any additional information required?
Thank you.

Hello, @HeuRea , Please check my message when free, :smiling_face_with_tear:
Thanks a lot.