#22918 Kepler Dao Finance - Copper Launch January 12th-15th 2022

Event ID: 22918
Description: Copper Launch Sale | Participation POAP
Date: 1/15/2022
Codes requested: 300
Distribution method: Manual Distribution

Please let me know if you need additional details.
Thanks again for the continued support.

Hi @Alakai

This drop is nice, but doesn’t quite comply with distribution guidelines.
Please reach out to customer support via the chat bubble on poap.xyz

I’ve also attached some resources that may be helpful for future drops :sparkles:

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

Hi Frankie,
Can you tell me why it does not comply.
We plan to use DEGEN discord bot for distribution on our discord during an AMA.
I would really like to figure out a solution that will be acceptable.

Please advise,
Thank you.


Happy to clear up any confusion.

Do you understand the difference between using “secret” vs. “using the DEGEN bot” as distribution methods?

Hi…can you explain…thanks.
Can we just do secret phrase?


  1. Secret words are used to distribute POAPs through the use of an issuer-selected word or phrase that collectors use to mint or reserve a POAP via the POAP app ( iOS/Android )

  2. The DEGEN discord bot, is an independent piece of software that distributes codes to discord users. Bots can create serious farming issues, when used improperly + irresponsibly
    It makes it difficult to think large quantity requested codes will not be farmed.

Please review the links I sent in my previous message.
They will clarify your understanding of the POAP ecosystem + help you create quality drops!!

Please read the guides before requesting a new drop.

If you still encounter issues, I recommend reaching out to customer support via the chat bubble on poap.xyz They will be able to better serve your inquiry.

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Hi Frankie,

I have worked with John customer service agent at Poap.xyz as requested.
We have come up with the following solution:

Delivery method: Manual Distribution
Claim Codes: 250

Thanks again for the help.


You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Wishing you the best with your drop!! :smiley: :v:

Thank you…we are awaiting the claim codes.

Regards :partying_face:


Customer Service reached out me. I want to clear-up any confusion.
Your drop request was not approved.

From notes, CS explained why your drop was unlikely to be approved.

Please read my previous replies + PleaseREAD:

I wish you the best with requesting a new drop in the future.

Its ok…no problem.
We did AIRDROPS on Matic Network via Open Sea! :money_mouth_face:
Thanks mate!