#22913 - Help About Minted POAPs

Hello, I recently created this event and more than 40 POAPs are minted but I have to change the artwork. I guess it’s not possible for the minted POAPs right?

So I was wondering if we can remove my minted POAPs from the collectors page. Can we delete all so I can create a new one with the corrected artwork and send them again?
And how people act for the POAPs that they don’t want in their wallets?

This is really so so important for me and it’s been a huge depressive issue. I’d be happy if you can help me about it. I hope we can fix this. Thank you

Hi Beryl,

First of all, welcome to the forum. There are a few options you can do.

It depends on the change of the artwork, if there is a significant difference you can request a new event. There is always an option to remove POAPs from your wallet by sending them to a burn address. Note that you will need a very small amount of xDAI for this. You can use uNFT Wallet for this.

If there is not a significant difference the request might get declined, so you should make a Discourse post explaining the situation (like you just did) so that the curators can keep this in mind.

Can you maybe upload the correct artwork here?

Kevster from the Curation Body

Edit: Note that you can post something in the community post https://discourse.poap.xyz/t/about-the-community-category/197
This will give you access to create posts there.

Thank you!

The artwork will be totally a new work, so it’s a significant change. The thing is: I created that one in a rush and it doesn’t look good now as a POAP. As I am the artist of that work, it made me really depressed, how it looks while staying there. I wish I didn’t rush sending the codes so we could have a chance to create new event with a new work but the problem now is with the minted ones. I want them to be removed so I can create and send the new ones to my collectors. :frowning:

But I can’t ask everyone to go with the steps in burning the tokens too, as it’s kinda complicated and requires a payment even tho it’s very little. So I guess there are 3 things that can fix this;

1- Removing the minted POAPs from the system somehow by the team, by not requiring the collectors to do something.

2- Changing the artworks in the minted POAPs.

3- Using an easier one step way to make them send me POAPs back, so I can burn them myself.

Which of these are possible? I hope we can figure out a way to solve this :pray:t2::pensive: Thank you!

Ps: Should I post this to community category too or can we move on from here ?


I think in your case a new event would be your best option. I’m sorry to hear it didn’t went the way you hoped it would go. See the first POAP as a learning experience, there is no need to feel bad about making a mistake. Happens to the best of us.

  1. Unfortunatly once a POAP is in someone’s wallet, nobody but that person can remove it. Since this POAP is stored in their wallet, and we can not access this wallet of course.

  2. This is something we could look into, but this would probably require no POAP to be minted yet.

  3. This would have the same cost as sending it to a burn address. Unfortunatly this is a bit the same problem as the first option. We do not control their wallet, so they have to do this transaction themselves. The cost for this is less than 0.01$ though.

I will post this in our curator channel so this gets the same attention, no need to repost on your side :+1:

Thank you for the supportive words.

Yes I see. So extra questions for the last 2 options then:

For 2: I was hoping that the contract might be one of the generative ones. Like the ones that the work in the NFT changes in time or based on specific date/setup. Can we learn if we are 100% unable to change it on the minted POAPs?

For 3: I just checked out to see and try transferring steps. As it makes you to connect to uNFT and also only accepts xDai for the transaction fee, I can’t tell people to connect there and buy xDai too. :frowning:
Is there any other way to transfer the POAP? To me or to the burn address? If there is an easier way, I can tell people to do that. It shouldn’t include the steps of connecting to uNFT and adding new network by typing all info etc. :confused:

I wish there was a transfer button directly in the POAP app, that would’ve been so helpful right now.

This goes a bit beyond my role as curator, but I’ll answer this the best as I could.
I also passed the feedback to the relevent team members.

There is an option to change artwork for issuers in the future, but that is currently not available.
This feature is still in development and might be available to you soon, I have no ETA though.

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Oh that’s good news actually. You mean changing the artwork in the minted ones too? Hope to hear more about this soon, I hope this feature becomes available.

Waiting for an update from the relevant team members then.
But I have to take an action for the rest of the people waiting their POAPs. Should I create a new event with a new artwork, and change the work in the first one when it becomes available?

Thank you!

Yes I think that is the best way forward.
The details from the feature are still in development, but from what I understand it is changing artwork even after the event is approved. Of course with an extra review.

Good luck!

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Hello there again! I created a new event yesterday with the new image as we talked, but still didn’t get the codes. Can we check it out please? New event’s code is : #24450

Thank you!

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Hi, I had a problem creating my event yesterday. It was approved but I considered the artwork was terrible. So, I requested another but you denied the second one, maybe because I used the same picture.

Codes are 79360 and 79568

I have been edited those POAPs… With a deprecate message.

but, I am interested to get finally my POAP… I made another one… Please, why is denied again?

This is My first time here. Please I am so sorry if I misunderstood something…I would like to release POAPs in thank to participate in my event.

Please check my new drop is 79585

Hello @Nani

is there a new event id that has the corrected and updated artwork?
i see you have deprecated everything you have recently submitted.