#22693 - deBridge Community Call #3 - 14-Jan-2022

Event ID : #22693
Description: deBridge Community Call #3 in Discord
Number of codes requested: 500
Event link: POAP Gallery
Discord: deBridge
Method of distribution: manually to those who reacted to a particular message during the call.

We had our CC last Friday and before that we went old fashioned way (we didn’t know about the new rules, unfortunately) and requested 1000 codes, but received only 500.

Our call was attended by 900+ listeners and we would like to request additional 500 codes to fulfill request from our community.

PS: this is my first post on Discourse so apologies if I did something wrong :sweat_smile:

Thank you!

Hey guys! Could you please assist me on that. We are running out of claim links unfortunately and will need the new codes. Next time we will make sure to provide everything the new way so that we don’t face any problems during the distribution time.
Really appreciate your support! Thanks

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I was advised by support team to describe in more detail the process of distribution. Hope it helps.
We had the following mechanics:
We had a community call which was attended by almost 950 people. And the number was growing for the first half an hour and remained stable during the call till the end which means that it was a real audience listening. We didn’t announce that we are going to distribute POAP so the audience didn’t know about that.

During the call we opened a secret chat where we asked people attending the call to give a reaction. It was open only during the call:

We extracted the Discord handles using stat-bot and have it in the Google Spreadsheet.

After that, people who reacted were asked to DM me and Devin in order to get their claim link. We find the nickname on the list and send a link.

Our Discord policy is very strict. You have to have a confirmed email to be able to join the server and accept the rules. Also, you can not post for the first 10 minutes.
Also, our community is incredibly attentive and always reports any SPAM or inappropriate content. We have a special #scam-report chat for that.

Hope that helps. I agree it is not the best way of distributing POAPs. We have already integrated DEGEN bot in our server. But it is ethical in the maximum way possible for manual distribution and in order to avoid bots and POAP hunters.

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@HeuRea Or any other curator this morning, I have been assisting them and I believe this is a properly executed Drop / Method! Let me know what you think.

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@dyllon @nadi
Reviewing now :slight_smile: , I will have an answer for you shortly.

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body


:wave: @nadi

Thanks for your patience & for all the information you’ve provided.
I believe it is unwise to retroactively approve past POAPs. The event occurred 5 days ago.

Regarding your next drop; Please follow-up in advance here on discourse.
The POAP Curation Body be happy to review & assist.

Please feel free to tag me in a future petition.

All the best!!

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Hey @frankie !
Thank you for your prompt reply. The issue was that initially we requested 1000 link and received only 500. We new that the amount of attendees will exceed 500 that is why we tried multiple times and now people has been waiting for me to send them the links for 5 days already.
Please, advise me on what should I do in order not to disappoint our members? I can create a new drop with a similar POAP (something like CC#3 Second Batch or similar). In the old flow there was a possibility to request more codes and we used it for the previous community call when we run out of claim links as well. Knowing our previous experience, this time we requested 1000 for the initial batch.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Hi @HeuRea and @frankie
Just wanted to follow up on my issue. Please, advise. No need for 500 codes. If you could provide additional 250-300 more, I would really appreciate. Thank you
This is my DM space at he moment:

Following up. Thank you!

Dear @frankie and @HeuRea
I have never received a response from you. I believe, we gave enough proof of our ethical way to distribute POAPs. Our community is still waiting for what was promised and there’s no way we can deliver it if we don’t have claim links.
The event was 10 days ago which makes things more complicated. But I believe, if there’s an option to mint poap in 30 days, there’s not a problem that the additional links will be added such late.
Hope you understand. Thanks!