#22692 - InsureDAO OG

Event ID: # 22692
Description: A POAP for our quiz event. we want to distribute this POAP for the attendee.
Cades requested: 100 more codes requested
Distribution method: We will distribute through DM via Discord.

Hi @InsureDAO
I see your petition has already been approved for 100 codes.
Before we issue more codes for your drop, we love to know that those first 100 were put to good use. Each POAP is a gift from an issuer to collectors, in celebration of a special shared memory. Properly honor those first 100 & the Curation Body will consider your request for additional codes.

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

Hi @Fio,
Thank you for the response. Actually, we had over 10,000 participant for this event. We are going to distribute from today.
So, should we set up POAP.delivery first and ask for the additional POAP? Or just need to paste the wallet address directly?

If you’re using the delivery method, you don’t need to request codes.
You just need to add the addresses into the Delivery Request.

You can find more information on our Help Center


Hi @Fio,
Thank you for the response and kindly support!
I got it! we will directly add the address with newly created delivery event.
So after I put the address, I need to ask for the verification of the POAP.delivery right?

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