#22680 SP's Thanks for Visiting! POAP 1/13

My Virtual Gallery 0 has been opened for the public to check out my collected and made NFTs! Opened it also in time for oncyber.io’s promotion showcasing oncyber.io galleries on twitter. First few visitors that DM me or post a screenshot of having been in my VR gallery will receive a POAP. Only given to the first 50 visitors that attended. Only up until January 2022.

I also intend this visitor POAP to be used in a raffle for my upcoming release of NFT colored masks which would also be featured in my gallery!

Thank you for reading, and hopefully I did this right :rofl:

Hey @secretpikachu,
Your event got a positive review by the curation body, there is probably no other method for oncyber.io to distribute your POAP, but please be careful of farmers.
Also, could you please tag your request as #drop-requests in the #community category next time ?
Thanks :slight_smile: