#22664 DAS | IDEA BOOM! - Round 2 - 1/1/22

This POAP is for attendees who participate in the “IDEA BOOM” Event. “IDEA BOOM” Event Round 2 is held in DAS Twitter. “IDEA BOOM” Event is a series of events organized by the community to listen to and collect feedback/suggestions from the community members and to unite them to build a better DAS ecosystem together. Each week we will launch a different topic for discussion. To celebrate the new year, the topic of this round is interesting. “Make MEMES for DAS”, gathering everyone’s interesting and fun ideas

To avoid spamming, we selected 50 interesting and manually collected their ETH addresses to distribute IDEA BOOM! - Round 2 POAPs.

Then we collect 47 addresses, and create the delivery.

This request is for 47 poap.delivery claims. Delivery: #992

Hi @Mancy

It seems the wallets you approved the codes for have not be redeemed.

These resources may be helpful:

For new drops, please follow the same process you have previously.

Please reach out to customer support via the bubble on poap.xyz
If this information did not resolve your inquiry.