#22589 - Orakuru - 2022

Event ID: 22589

This POAP will be distributed to all active community members who dropped wallets below the specific tweet (https://twitter.com/Orakuru_ork/status/1477692796345724933?s=20). To thank community for being with us and contributing. Plus this POAP will provide additional perks for upcoming activity - this poap will provide access to private channel in which we will arrange hangout with a special guest.

Hey @Kay,
Your event was given a positive review by the curation body.
I see that you requested mint links in combination of a POAP.delivery. You don’t need to request mint links, if you want to use a delivery.
You can access your delivery here POAP ✈️ | Orakuru #1

Seems like I can’t add the specific address I missed to add earlier. “Error” pops up. Can you please help me here?

Hey @Kay,
You can’t add addresses afterwards. That feature is currently disabled.
You also received 130 mint links from your first request, just use them to manually distribute the remaining ones.