#22569 I_Voted - 1st_Election of Rivermen Council

This POAP rewards the 277 community members who participated in the voting for the first Election of Rivermen Council, who are the driving force of this historic first step towards the Rivermen Community Autonomy Program.

snapshot proposal:Snapshot
discord: discord.gg/rivermen
Twitter: RivermenNFT

This event was created last November. Please check so we can send 277 poaps to our participants.

Hey @Polaris88899,
We are currently working on linking your event. Please don’t request any mint links if you want to use it for a snapshot. Just input 0 on the “amount of codes” field while creating your event. Those are not needed.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey @Polaris88899,
Your event got linked to your proposal, but not the one you requested here.
You requested a linkage on our discord already, for the same proposal. That one got linked.

Does this mean I do not need to request for more codes, since I only received 20 codes before. But we have 277 voters, will they all be able to claim a poap if it has been linked with the snapshot proposal?

I do not remember a requested a linkage on discord for the event #20365 but it has been linked with the proposal. Actually I do not want to use #20365 anymore, so I created #22569 and want it to be linked with my proposal

Yes, mint links are totally separate from Snapshot POAPs. All voters will be able to claim.

I answered your DM with a screenshot on Discord. I’m not sure if we can de-link your POAP now :frowning:

That’s OK. Not necessary to de-link it. Since all voters will be able to claim in snapshot, #20365 is also good. Thanks for your help

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