#22564 - Requesting Approval for Event Today at 12:30p ET

Event ID: #22564…we would love to request expedited review on this for the 4 year anniversary event taking place at 1230p ET today for the CryptoCards, a 2018 OG historical nft project documenting the history of Bitcoin. @worthalter | POAP

Can we have one single secret word to simplify claiming?

Hey @MLeeJr!

Your review was wrapped up with positive results. Enjoy your 4 year anniversary :champagne:

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Thank you so much…sorry for such a late reply.

Just seeing this as I came to the forum to check on a new request for review this morning for #40065 - MFERS 420 ASSEMBLY IN OM.

Event is tonight…submit the POAP petition yesterday.

We are doing one for NFT NYC as well…will make sure to provide much more notice!