#22531: Beta Tester 🛠 - Exponent Vault (Drop Date: 13-01-2022)

About a month ago, Exponent released the beta of our Vault on the Ethereum mainnet. After about a month, our Vault’s TVL has grown to 100 WETH in TVL. We want to reward our Beta testers with POAPs that represent their participation in the Beta Release and helping us reach this milestone.

These POAPs will be distributed via POAP.delivery with the addresses that have deposited into our vault being whitelisted to mint these POAPs.

Hi @hecto
Congrats! your request was approved .

If you want to use a POAP.delivery, you don’t need to request any mint links.

You can learn more about POAP delivery methods here: POAP Help Center

Wishing you the best with your drop!
The POAP Curation Team


@frankie Thank you so much!

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