#22530 - X-DAO Initial members 1/13/2022

X-DAO is a community of blockchain developers and enthusiasts (xdao). Our mission is to share and exchange blockchain technology.

We applied to distribute 500 poaps as souvenirs to early community users (OG). In order to prevent malicious attacks and robots, and prevent poaps from being sent to unpopular people, we will encourage valuable content sharing and communication in the community, and distribute them manually according to the high-quality sharing amount and participation of users (you need to fill in the Google form and complete the wallet address and twitter).

This is our first time to apply for poap. If I do something wrong, please let us know in time. thanks!

Hi! :wave:
We’re happy to see you’re using POAP for the first time, congrats! :dizzy:

The curation team has reviewed your request and concluded that the drop is too large. You can start with 30 POAPs and then request more codes in case you need them.
We invite you to check this article to learn more about creating Quality drops, for your future requests: Curator Guidelines: Creating Quality Drops

We wish you the best with your drop!


Thanks to the POAP team!