#22484 - Kittehs OG Member

Hello, I am trying to get a drop authorized. We are a new community. I have just done a small drop for our first trivia night (#22490 - Kittehs First Trivia - 2022), which people should be minting shortly.

Our project is available at the following URLs:

We just launched and have been gathering community. We are planning on augmenting our NFT drop with POAP and will continue to offer benefits associated with POAP achievements. Specifically, each Kittehs proof of attendance will be used in special contests, receive special airdrops, get on whitelists, get discounts, and other plans.

We plan on making POAP an essential part of our community development.

We would like to have request #22484 - Kittehs OG Member authorized, which is a batch of up to 1,000 - for those who join our community before Jan 31st and show community engagement. Our Twitter just hit 1,000 and our Discord has 800+ in it now. We would like to start handing out #22484 as people show engagement among the people who have our OG Discord role. We only plan on handing out the OG POAP to those who demonstrate themselves to be active participants in the community. Especially because we intend for POAPs to provide benefits beyond the POAP itself.

Thank you!

Hey @The Kittehs Thanks so much for submitting a petition with POAP!

Just wanted to let you know we’re taking a look now and will get back to you as soon as possible — we appreciate your patience. Thanks for all the information about your socials, it always makes things easier on our end.

  • Your website looks awesome by the way!

  • Steve