#22466, #978 - Valiant Discord - Early Adopter Badge - #002 (POAP earned on 12/20/21)

#22466 (event) / #978 (poap.delivery) - Valiant Discord - Early Adopter Badge - Joined Before January 1st 2022 - #002

Requesting approval for this POAP.

We will be distributing this through the poap.delivery site from a list of ETH wallets that have already been provided to us. Users have already been informed of this distribution method.

This is an APNG file that meets the new file size limit of 4MB.

Thanks so much. Huge shoutout to the POAP team for their quick responses and great support on Discord.


Hey @BeardlessDuck,
Your event got a positive review.
You don’t need to request mint links if you want to use a delivery.
If you want to use mint links in case you forgot someone, that’s of course fine, but please don’t request much more than you actually need.

I’ll limit it to just the codes I need as a backup for all future drops.

Thanks again!

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Hey @BeardlessDuck!

Thanks for doing your best to improve on your drop execution. We appreciate your commitment to making the POAP ecosystem be the best it possibly can be by ensuring your drops are high quality and well executed.

Your request has received a positive review :slight_smile:

Enjoy your POAPs and say hi to your community from us! :partying_face:

Thank you so much, you guys are absolutely amazing.

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Is there any way we can get some more codes for this? We received 100 codes but there are more than 100 users that filled out the form incorrectly. I think 250 codes would cover it.


@BeardlessDuck you would have to submit another request for more mint links!

Please do so only for the additional amount you need and be very vigilant – we’ve noticed some farming has been going on for your event :man_farmer:

We’ll review your request for additional codes separately and in its own context as soon as possible.

I think we’ll have a better idea of how many we need for future events.

As far as the farming goes, are you able to see this by seeing people collect them from the same IP address? We have bot detection but we don’t have much detection in terms of alt accounts yet. We’ll be happy to assist with removing any POAP abusers if they can be identified.


The easiest way to check is to go to your event gallery page (POAP Gallery) and look mints that have an abnormally high “power” status.

Power indicates how many POAPs a particular wallet has. Those with 3000+ POAPs, for example, are likely farming.

There are other ways to check for farming, but we won’t get into that here. We’ll have articles that go more in-depth on this in the future.

That said, we can tell you’ve made a best effort to keep it at a minimum, given the number of either brand new wallets or those with very few POAPs! So congrats on introducing POAP to many new collectors :partying_face: