#22434 - Valiant Discord - First 2000 Members - #001 (POAP earned on 12/20/21)

#22434 - Valiant Discord - First 2000 Members - #001 (POAP earned on 12/20/21)

Requesting approval for this POAP.

We will be distributing this through the poap.delivery site from a list of ETH wallets that have already been provided to us. Users have already been informed of this distribution method.

This is an APNG file that meets the new file size limit of 4MB.


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YES me and my community have been waiting a long time to COLLECT this please approve !!!

#poap #poapxyz

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You get to see it here first!

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Hey @BeardlessDuck – congrats!

Your request received a positive review and you should be all good to go :partying_face:


I also submitted a request for a poap.delivery drop for this. Is this request post enough, or should I submit a new one for that delivery method?


This post should be enough @BeardlessDuck!

Your delivery request is still awaiting review – we’ll get back to you very soon. Thanks a bunch for your patience :pray:

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