#22398 - ntent.art Og's - 2022 DROP 01/11/2022

this is a special POAP for the OG roles of our discord and will be distributed via a link with a secret phrase

Hi! Thanks for posting your case.

POAPs can be issued for special events and memorable moments of all sizes, physically or virtually, provided good cause to do a drop.

Secret Phrase is a better solution for online (particularly audio-first) events with large audiences. Best practices for large distributions are to leave the minting window open for a relatively short timeframe.

We suggest to read this article which is a Guide for Creating Quality Drops.


so approved? or something else?

Your request hasn’t been reviewed yet, it will be as soon as possible.


Hey @drbanner,
Just confirming that your event got a positive review.
I see that you requested the same amount again (which also got a positive review).
Are you having difficulties with redeeming it ?
We have some issues with the secret word distribution method, are you getting any errors ?
Edit : Oh and i forgot to mention, if it’s a public Discord server, it’s probably best to use manual mint links, to not let the secret word leak to farmers.