#22390 - fsa gang poap

Event ID: #22390

Description: SYN CITY is the first-ever Mafia Metaverse. Here you fight, loot, build and lead. Here you join a syndicate and run businesses, tax your underlings and pay tribute to your bosses through blockchain-backed resources. With enough Ambition, Power, and Swagger you can sit at the head of a syndicate and help chart the course of the Mafia Metaverse. We are all in a decentralized degen universe. It’s good to be bad.

Date: Jan 12 UTC

Code Requested: 200

Distribution : Manual


Hey @Simple,

POAP is a protocol for the preservation of memories and an ecosystem for the reliable recording of shared experiences. :slight_smile:
And i’m not sure if your event fit’s in that category.
Have a look at our guidelines : How Can I Produce Quality POAP Drops? | POAP Help Center.

The curation body will review your case soon.

This POAP is to commemorate the establishment of FSA and releasing of it’s first official logo.

Fighting our way to the very top and establishing our own turf.

Here to make our presence known. To stay, fight and make it home!

Respect, Integrity, Brotherhood.

Hey @Simple,
Have you done other POAP drops before ?
If yes, can you let me know the event id’s of those ?
Also, could you show me your POAP collection ?
There are many bad actors that try to create fake drops, we want to make sure this one isn’t one of them.
Thanks :slight_smile:

#20410 - Happy Holidays SYN - 2021

#20632 - SYN CITY 120K+ in Discord POAP - 2021

#19763 Four Seas Association poap - 2021

my address

Hey @Simple,
Did you use a different email for those above events ?
The curation team will grant you 50 mint links, request more when needed.
Please include a better description next time, explaining what the event is about and how it’s gonna get distributed.
Thanks :slight_smile:

:rofl:@HeuRea Thanks, sorry i’m not fluent in English as majority of my members and me in discord are Chinese educated…
Also we’ll need more as we have close to 1500 members… please. Thank you!

Please use the ones you got first.