#22326 - Tiger Hunt in Dragon City - 2022 Spring Festival (Jan 29)

Event ID: 22326

Description: Tiger Hunt in Dragon City is an interactive game starting on January 29, 2022, as part of the Chinese New Year Carnival held at Dragon City, Decentraland. This POAP will be awarded to the winners of the game who successfully find all the hidden tigers in Dragon City.

Date: Jan 29 UTC

Code Requested: 1000

Distribution Method: Custom giveaway of links on Decentraland, after confirming the interaction data via a centralized server.



Hi! :wave:

Thanks for your request, the Curation body will review your request in the next few hours.

Any other questions, just let us know.


Hey @elixirrr,
Can you tell me more about the distribution method ?
I think you were using the last slice dispenser last time.
Are you still using the same system ?

I’m sure this one would get a positive review if you switched to the Zoo dispenser.
Have a look here https://poap.cc
You can reach him in his discord here : thezoo

Hii @HeuRea ,this poap is given out as a game reward, and we will determine if the player is qualified to receive the poap based on his/her interaction data. This will be done through a centralized server and db to handle the logic.

Oh, i understand. So it’s a ingame DCL quest.
The curation body made a positive review of your event.

Thank you sooo much! :purple_heart: