#22324 - FantasticLand Opening - 2022(Jan 31)

Event ID: 22324

Description: FantasticLand is a Metaverse theme park created by Metaverse Labs at Dragon City, Decentraland, a fantasy world that incorporates Metaverse shows, live streaming, and interactive experiences that cross the boundaries of reality. To commemorate the grand opening of FantasticLand on January 31, as well as one of the most significant achievements of the Metaverse Labs, this POAP will be distributed to the first 1000 visitors of FantasticLand who signed the guestbook.

Date: Jan 31 - Feb 4 UTC

Code Requested: 1000

Distribution Method: POAP Dispenser Decentraland (verifying the qualification to receive the POAP through a customized guestbook)


Hey @elixirrr,
Could you explain a bit more on how this guestbook distribution works ?
Is it just like any other dispenser ?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi, this is our reference:GitHub - decentraland-scenes/POAP-Booth: A simple scene with an interactive booth that gives out POAP tokens to certify the player's attendance to an event, the scene will connect to a server which is hosted in Firebase. We will first upload the claim codes to this server, and the API will be set up to distribute.
This event is very important to us and it would be great if we could get the drop. I can have one of our deployment team members contact you if needed. Thanks!

Hey, i think that one is easily farmed.
Would it be possible to use the Zoo dispenser ? (Not sure how your guestbook works and if you could implement this with the Zoo dispenser)
Have a look here https://poap.cc
You can reach him in his discord here : thezoo
He has some anti-farming measures built in.
Edit : You could also message him here on discourse, it’s @zoo

Let me know when/if you implemented his dispenser, once done your event 22324 and 22325 would get a positive review.

hii @HeuRea , thank you for your suggestion! It would be very helpful. I’ll check it with our team and get back to you soon.

Hi @HeuRea ,
Hi Our dev tried to contact zoo, but hasn’t received a reply yet. After discussion this is our current distribution plan:
we can implement the “entering scene detection”, combined with our guestbook to guarantee the claim action is legit or not. Besides that, we will verify the IP through the backend to ensure that the POAP can only be claimed once by the same IP address. Would this be a more appropriate way to go?

Hello @zoo ,

I’m the community manager for Dragon City, a community district on DCL. Currently we need to implement dispensers on DCL to distribute a large number of POAPs to the participants of one of our most important annual event.

We are currently looking for an anti-farming method and it would be very helpful if you could give us some guidance or advice.

Thank you!

Hey @elixirrr,
Do you have any updates on this ?
Did you maybe try to reach Zoo on his Discord server ?

Hi @HeuRea,
Our dev team has tried to contact zoo, but somehow failed.
I’ve submitted a new drop request today (ID: 24474) and hope it will be approved. :pray:
We only request for 60 codes to manually distribute to participants of a quiz game we plan to start in our Discord.

Hey @elixirrr,
Yeah, 24474 was a clear positive. Did that replace event 22325 ?

And that’s unfortunate that you couldn’t reach Zoo. Have you implemented the anti farming measures you mentioned for event 22324 ?