#22322 - Becoming Your Own Platform @ imnotArt Chicago 2022-01-11

Description: Following last weeks event on creating your own smart contract with Manifold; we look at becoming your own platform by building a custom marketplace on Artiva and creating community around your work.
Codes: 75
Distribution: I wanted to test the Magic QR Dispenser for a smaller event like this before using it for an Exhibition. If we run into hiccups we will just use the manual method we have in the past. I dont mind the manual distribution in person as it creates conversation.

Hey @neckbeard.eth :slight_smile:
Your event got positively reviewed for 75 mint links.
Did you test the Magic QR Dispenser ? Need any help with that ?

Oh, btw : Could you put your request and future requests in the #community category ?

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Im embarrassed to say I tried. I took a look at the other posts before writing mine, saw that community was the category but when I went to add community as the category there wasn’t the option. So I thought maybe that was a gated category. The other category shows up in the dropdown so I assumed the community one would too. Do I just put the word community in there despite no options in the dropdown?
Thanks for getting to this so quick.
edit: oh god don’t tell me I’m this dumb. was it just missing the #?

Oh, sry !
It’s not your fault. It’s correct, the community category is gated.
You now have the permission to change it to the community category :smiley:

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Trying to figure out the best way to use the qr.poap for a digital/physical event. Having the dispenser on a screen makes a lot of sense physically but should I split up the codes into two and have a separate dispenser for the digital side? In this case a Zoom meeting.
edit: This is a rare use case and hardware set but I just want to keep you up to speed on where I am at. The Blackdove monitors we use utilize Android 5.1.1 with the default browser. They are square aspect ratio. When going to the public dispenser website, nothing loads. If I had to guess, its the prompts before that the Blackdove monitor doesnt like. The website works perfectly fine on my Chrome browser. Trying to find a workaround. Not that many people will have a similar issue but if I figure out a fix for this, Il update.

I think having 2 separate dispensers would help with minting the actual POAP.
As the magic dispenser needs some time to load a new QR code, it could be frustrating for attendees if they always get one that was already used (because many people are trying to redeem it offline and online).
Hmm, maybe a different browser would work ? (If you can download one…)

BTW : If you are doing a offline and online event, it would probably be best to create two separate POAPs for that.

Theres no app store so it would have to be an APK which all these APK websites look suspect. The virtual event is a Zoom meeting where we’ll go through a demo. For that, I’m testing sharing the screen from a separate computer than we are using for communication. I separated my text file into two and will use two separate events. Just like the prompts say, I’ll use the physical option for the physical and the streaming one for the Zoom.
The use of one of these monitors for the QR dispenser was just a novel ideal. I’ll continue working on it but you shouldn’t put too much thought into it. Not many people use Blackdove to begin with so its not worth the energy at the moment to address.
Worst case scenario, I use the gallery iPad or my phone for the physical dispenser. Il get the best of both worlds if I use my phone with having that one on one communication time.

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