#22187 - Tracer Drop Episode #16: The Future of DeFi and Decentralised Gaming (11-Jan-2022) UTC

Hey POAP.xyz Team,

The intended use of this POAP is for listeners to the Tracer DAO community to claim POAPs for their attendance.

Date & Time of the drop:
11-Jan-2022 / 9:30pm UTC (12-Jan-2022 / 7:30am AEST)

Plan to distribute:
We plan on giving out a typeform to our listeners to fill up and provide their public wallet ETH addresses and input those in the POAP Deliveries system to send to respective claimers.

How many expected claimers:
We request about 200 POAPs

Thank you very much. Hope this helps!

Your event got positively reviewed for 250 mint links.

Enjoy the event! :raised_hands:

Thank you so much! Appreciate it!

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Hi there,

Would you be able to help check up on the POAP Delivery for #22187?
I should have given more lead time before expiry.

Much appreciated!

Hey @TracerDAO,
Just want to confirm that your delivery was accepted.
You can access it here POAP ✈️ | Tracer Drop Call #16: The Future of DeFi and Decentralised Gaming

btw : You don’t need to request any mint links if you want to use a POAP.delivery. Just input 0 in the “Amount of codes” field next time. :slight_smile:

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Oh so when using POAP.delivery just put ‘0’? is that only used if you want to use QR code claims?

Yeah, just input 0 if you want to use a delivery.
The “amount of codes” are only for mint links.