#22115 Drop 1 - New Year Welcome to DC - 10-Jan-2022

Hi Team,

We want to use Poap as a Gamification instrument and want to kick it off by welcoming our Team Members into the new year. This event and drop is the first in the series. More yet to come.

Please review and accept or let me know if any changes needed.



POAP drops that use intelectual property that’s protected go thru a different channel. If you belong to Adidas please create the drop using a corporate email account or reach out to us on Linkedin.

Thanks for the feedback.

Can I update the existing one to use the corporate email id or do I need to create a new event?

You have to create a new event. Very sorry for the inconvenience. We are working on a brand new system that has much more functionality including email update.

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Ok, I’ll create a new event once I am back in office. Meanwhile, could you delete this event?