#22104 - Concave Genesis - (Drop Date: 1/13 - 1/15)


This POAP will be distributed to ~1500 community members who joined our Concave Genesis AMA event and were given the Genesis POAP role. This event was our first major event that informed our community about what Concave is and what we are doing. We had an audience of over 1600 userts listening live on discord and actually caused discord to break due to the load (https://twitter.com/WAGMIcrypto/status/1479844110370488320). We gathered the ETH address from controlled group which was cleaned up of duplicates.

We look forward to incentivizing this POAP for future governance voting in collaboration with snapshot.

Originally created a POAP website but was advised best route is a POAP delivery. Love the workflow you guy’s have created to curate this process!

Please let me know if there are any questions.

Cudos to The Squanch for the help.

Event video - Concave | Genesis - YouTube

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Congrats! :dizzy:
Your drop was reviewed with positive results.
Thanks for contributing to POAP!

All the best,
POAP Curation Team

Thank for the prompt response, I’ve requested a new website for 50 codes.

It appears the tail end of our address list was cut off and users where not whitelisted.

Is there any chance to get this website approved? Will be controlled to those users who have DM’d and we have confirmed they were in our original google form to gather addresses.