#22070 - Veteran of the Rengoku Clan War


I have a discord built around feudal japanese Samurai fighting eachother in clans for an NFT collection that is about to mint. To commemorate this, I would love to present our discord members with a POAP recognising their activity and service to their clans before we move onto extra-discord content.

I asked for 20k codes but I know this quite alot. So, I’m here to ask if this isn’t something that is feesible, would it be possible to have 7 custom POAP with about 4k codes per poap available?

You can learn more about our project here: www.rengokulegends.com

Thanks so much!

Hi @Conpatshe!

Could you please provide additional information on how you identify member activity and how you plan to distribute the POAPs?


The way members fight eachother is by using commands such as !fight, !steal and !taunt to take from clans on the scoreboard. This way they earn victory points that we tally up and reset twice a week declaring a winner each time. Each time a winner is declared their clans are awarded an amount of in-discord currency called Rengocoin.

Everytime a user takes an action they are awarded this currency (Rengocoin) and are able to use it in the market to buy project-related items. Such as, weapons to boost their success rate, buffs for their team, even a whitelist spot for our project.

As for implementing a way of distributing the POAPs, I was planning on having them be a buy-able item in the market. By using Rengocoin as a way to acquire one of the mint codes, will ensure those who participated in the war would be able to acquire them.

Once they bought the “POAP pass” They will be granted access to a channel where our bot will privately message them one of the unique codes to use.

Let me know if I have made a mess of explaining it ahaha

Hey @Conpatshe

Could the in-game currency be used to redeem a POAP pass for an event that someone did not participate in?

For example, I rack up a certain amount of Rengocoin by participating in War #1 but don’t claim a POAP pass

Would I be able to expend the same Rengocoin to claim a POAP pass for War #2?

Upon further review, we would like to make a suggestion:

POAP is really designed as an ecosystem for the preservation of memories, and we wish for all collectors to feel a great sense of pride from each POAP they collect.

With that said, large scale events like the one you’re proposing don’t usually go as well as planned and are prone to farming, unless very stringent measures are used to ensure otherwise. Additionally, they often depreciate the value of a POAP for collectors.

Our recommendation is that you offer a POAP to the top 10 or top 100 participants per event. This can be for most points scored, “survived the longest”, or any other accolades that are of high value to your community.

Please keep in mind that each of these accolades should be awarded per event, and the best drops have novel artwork for each event and include the event title and date.

As for distribution, if you are able to collect wallet addresses of your top participants, the most sure-fire delivery method is POAP.delivery.

If you’re not able to collect wallet addresses, the next best option would be manually delivering mint links to your list of top participants.

Please resubmit a request according to this recommendation or reach out for further help!