#22064 - The Rocking Uniquehorns | Jack Frost | LIVE Performance | VIP

Event ID: #22064
Description: Decntraland Live Concert VIP POAP
Date: Jan 11th 2022
Codes requested: 33
distribution method: DCL VIP POAP Dispenser

:pray: thank you POAP team

Just confirming that this request got positively reviewed :slight_smile:
Thanks for your patience.

Nice to know - thx…but we still have no POAPs for the event, will those be send later?

Hmm that’s weird. They should be send out already.
Can you check your spam folder ?
Did you receive the codes form your other events ?

yep, received the other events: #22063 is there, only #22064 is missing => can you retrigger please? Or do we need to create a new one? That would require a fast review as the concert starts soon…

P.S.: 22063 and 22064 have a pretty similar title, one is default the other one VIP POAP => maybe similar naming is causing confusion on your side?


You don’t need to create a new one.
When does your event start ?
I will try to send you the codes once i have them.

Hey @Fairy_Mercury,
Actually, could you just make a new request and tell me the event id once you created it ?
Thanks for your patience.


sure - just created a new event:


thanx for helping us,
cheers - fairy

It got positively reviewed.
Please let me know if you still haven’t received the codes.

all good, thank you so much for your help!