#22057 - The South Pole Scientific Research DAO POAP Request

Event ID: #22057
Description: This is for people who are interested in our organization. We have collected everyone’s erc20 addresses through the discord robot, set up a mint whitelist through https://poap.delivery/ and reminded everyone to mint when every thing is ready
Date: Jan 10, 2022
Codes requested: 5
Distribution method: send mint url in our discord server

22057 is being distributed with a white list, bot in our discord will ensures one persion can only submit one erc20 address, and it must be a unique discord ID. Our mods oversee the channel submitting the address and can remove it from whitelist if it’s a discord bot or spam account.

This doesn’t look like a legit request at all

Oh, It’s my fault, I forgot to clarify It’s a test drop.I have asked Dyllon on chat page, he says a test drop can be approved, I don’t know if these is any thing I can do to test on poap?


I believe you misunderstood the directions, For a test I would’ve suggested a lower amount.

Please do refer to the article for Correct Drop Creation Procedures!

I have updated the amount to 5, and read article about create event and delivery.Could this test be approved?or should I create a new one fellow the document