#22025 - nulink community event

I am the community admin for www.nulink.org, we will have several events and competitions in the next 12 months, these poaps will be divided equally into every month, for example in January we will have totally 60- 80 poaps to be distributed,and the list has been announced in our social media: https://twitter.com/NuLink_/status/1480538913572016133?s=20 https://twitter.com/NuLink_/status/1480563344914665478?s=20

Please review Curator Guidelines: Creating Quality Drops. This drop (and any future, similar drops) isn’t in alignment with the spirit or mission of the POAP ecosystem - we don’t use POAPs as engagement farming incentives.

Thanks for the tip, then I will really apply for the CODE quantity for this event, I have modified it, and I can guarantee to send it all.

Please review the article carefully. POAP is a curated ecosystem - there is no amount of engagement farming we consider acceptable.