#22003 - WALL Community Call #1 1400 POAPs requested but didn't receive any!

Hey guys, we at Wall.app had our Community Call #1 for which 1821 people turned up!

We want to issue POAPs as a way to track our early supporters and had announced. Would request you to please issue the 1400 POAPs and if possible please add another 421 making it 1821.

Really looking forward to getting them delivered soon! Thank you so much! :heartbeat:

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Please issue there 1821 POAPs not in the secret word way but via links, as the event is done and we couldn’t issue them live.

Looking for Mods to respond here as early as possible, thank you so much!

Hey Anuj, you are welcome to drop POAPs to your community, but the curation team is concerned about how you were dropping POAPs in the past. Specially one time where 1000 mint links were posted in a discord channel.

Please confirm that you have read the best practices on how to do high quality POAP drops.

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Yes, worthalter that was the first time we did and weren’t aware of the best practices, we have learned since. Now we have automated the distribution, we have built custom bot to tag those who have attended and will DM them with unique links.

Thanks for keeping an eye out and guide, would be of immense help if you can process these 1000 + 820 for the total 1820 attendees :pray:

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Hey @worthalter We have a total attendees of 1821, we have received 60 unique links & 100 secret word based links (whose date is over, can that duration be changed and still used?).

do you need any more info from my end, if not can you please process the request for this? Thanks! :pray:

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Hi @worthalter

1000 poaps links were not distributed in the discord. Once we realized our mistake of sharing links in Discord channel, We stopped it.

Then all the poap allocation was done manually by our team members after taking member’s wallet address.

Like I mentioned before, we are having a custom bot made internally by our team for 1-1 poap distribution.

Hey @anuj!

First off, we appreciate your patience and willingness to iterate on your POAP drops and distribution methods.

For this time around, do you have the wallet addresses of each member who attended, or do you plan to distribute mint links via the custom POAP bot?

If the latter, is the code for this bot open source?

Thanks again for your patience as we review your request!

Hi Matei!!

Writing this mail after lots of lots of internal discussion and we have understood following

  1. We wanted to created an internal bot which can DM people with links. But that wont work cause people will always come back and say their inbox was not open and whether we can DM again. We are creating internal dashboard and mapping discord ID and wallet address, we thought we could run a bot there and do it. But after much discussion we have realized that we don’t have a leak less way to do the bot configuration for poap distribution which is 100% effective.

  2. We were not aware of poap.delivery distribution offered by you guys. That is actually the best case scenario for us.

  3. Those who attended the event have received a role and based on that role we have created a channel. it is possible for us get their wallet address. We have internally started that process.

We need to give poap to 1817 people. Would we be able to whitelist and insert .csv file for wallet addresses for these many people through poap.delivery form?

Hope we arrive at the solution soon.

tagging your name just to make sure you get the above msg.

hey! any update on this.

Hey @anuj

So happy you are able to map a list of addresses to discord IDs and would like to proceed with POAP.delivery. That is definitely the most surefire way to ensure the right people get their POAPs!

Here’s a link to a step-by-step guide for initiating a POAP delivery

TLDR; the approach you’ve suggested will work, with one caveat: you cannot upload a CSV and instead have to copy & paste the list of addresses separated by a newline. This should be relatively easy if you have a CSV though (there are online tools to help with the conversion).

To execute a POAP delivery, you don’t need to request any mint links, by the way (as stated in the guide).

Please submit a request for a POAP.delivery according to the guide linked above and we’ll aim to expedite your request!

If you have further trouble with distribution, please contact support@poap.io!

Hey @anuj,
Your drop received a positive review by the curation body.