#21979 Balancer subDAO Proposal AMA 1/10/2022

This POAP is for attendees of the AMA to discuss the Balancer subDAO governance proposal on January 8th, 2022. The distribution method will be through Sushi’s MasterPOAP v2.

I guess this is how to submit requests now?


Thanks @solarcurve , it’s been reviewed and accepted.

And PS: thank you for being one of the first to use the system! We really appreciate the efforts here.


Dear @solarcurve since you are a well known community member that has responsibly done POAP drops for a long time, you can expect your future drops to be positively reviewed without having to make individual requests here.

Another discussion is pending on the quality of the drops, because it’s clear that a large component of the attendance has no interest on the contents presented and only show up for the POAP, but that’s a topic for another day. thanks for your continued support !


Hi @solarcurve!
As @isabel said, it’s been reviewed and accepted.

Drop requests are still done at the POAP event page and Discourse is the channel to communicate with the Curation Body.



great, thanks everyone :slight_smile:


Thanks for doing this. I was curious as to the how but you have given an example. Hope your event is a success.

Dr. Malachi

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