#21961 LocalsFromZero says Goodbye! (08 -Jan -2022)


Tomorrow I have a virtual event - link to the FB EVENT.
Yesterday I created the POAP event and tested it out with my co-organizers. Three members got their POAP with ease (me included). The 4th member run into the error, seen in the screenshot (The secret word is correct).

Now when I went to the back office to change the event settings, I can not even find the event.

I accessed the back office for the secret word, and it says that it is active. Don’t have any other POAP friends to try the Minting for me.
What could be wrong? Please Help.

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Hey Godex!

Looks like you’ve been approved for 50 Secret Word Codes, and yes I do see the 3 that were claimed…

From our end it looks like everything is processing correctly. May I ask if its just this individual who is having this problem (after the problem you stopped trying to claim?) or after the third claimed, it was no longer claimable in general (by anyone afterward?).

Could their App be out of date?
Have they restarted the app?
Restarted their phone?

Let me know if any of this helps!

Glad to have you on board :grinning:

Thanks. Yes, it is just this individual.

Now I took another phone, loaded the Poap app and claimed only through the email function. But the Mint was succefull. I forwarded the message to the individual to try all the steps you suggested. Thank you again.

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Good to hear !

No problem :slight_smile:

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Hey guys!

Gentle reminder that this forum is for the community to interact with the curation body primarily around drop requests and related matters. For customer support, please contact our customer support team on Intercom, at poap.xyz.

Thank you! Will keep in mind :slight_smile:

I agree as It would be difficult to balance both forums of info.
I will direct these matters to Intercom CS going forward.

Thank you for the clarity Isabel!