#21852 - 40 Acres First Community Call - Status Check

I was was looking for a status for receive the codes:

Event ID: #21852
Description:Welcome to 2022!
Date:Friday, Jan 7, 2022
Codes requested: 300
Distribution method: Manual


Hey :wave:t2:

Please check the information here: POAP Help Center

And address the following issues:

  1. Sizing. Do you really expect 300 people to participate on the call?
  2. Website is missing.
  3. Description has to explain more what the POAP is about.
  4. Artwork is not circular, it doesn’t have the date of the event.

Thanks for your patience.

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  1. Seeing that we have over 300 discord members and close to 1k twitter followers where the space will be, we feel it is a reasonable request
  2. I do not understand the request
  3. This is a private event, attendees know what the event is about
  4. I have turned in projects before in square format without a date, when did this change

I only received 50 codes, am I not allowed to request the number I need anymore?

We already had our meeting, over 300 ppl joined out server, we told them we’d have POAPs


The discord invite link doesn’t seems to work.

You can request and have as many POAPs as you need.

There are lots of bad actors requesting POAPs maliciously and that’s why sometimes legitimate issuers have to be patient and provide enough information so the curators feel comfortable with the drop. Eventually verified issuers get all their POAPs with no interruption or even additional communication.

Understood but we just would like to offer our community what we said we would in a timely manner.

We now need to add the additional 250 codes received to the discord POAP-Bot as the initial 50 are now gone.

Hey @kynadams.eth,
Your request got positively reviewed. You should have received your codes already.
But it is not advised to use the POAP-bot. It’s easily farmed.
I would suggest using a secret word if it’s on twitter spaces and the degen bot if your event is on Discord.
See here for more details on the secret word : POAP Delivery Methods 101 | POAP Help Center

I get that but our Twitter space came and went due to the time it took to get codes. You have left us with no other options and we are losing community members for making promises we could not keep
. If the bot is that easily farmed, what are you as the runner of the platform doing to secure it?