#21851 XDROIDS AMA POAP Request + additional comments

POAP to commemorate those who participated in the XDROIDS Discord AMA held on January 7, 2022.

The official reveal of the new website.

POAPS will be given manually to those who have kept the secret code word from the AMA and DM’d privately the emcee of the event.

The email request would have come from the team. (XDROIDSNFTTEAM@gmail.com) I am happy to resubmit personally if need be. The original request was for 400. We only need 100. There will be some who listen to the replay.

In the future the team will seek to submit well in advance and set up an account here as well.

I look forward to seeing how this discourse sharpens all things positively. It has the potential to provide clarity and prevent frustration. I look forward to the town hall. It is really hard to hear hearts and easy to assume intent through text. Hopefully this discourse creates trust as problems are solved and new ideas for success are created. Here to serve.

Thank you.

Dr. Malachi

PS- Going forward, once a POAP request has been submitted, should we update here as well? Don’t want to duplicate work for curators.

Hey :slight_smile:
Your drop looks good to me, we will approve it for the 100 mint links you requested.
Please apply for the degen bot for future AMA’s on Discord, you can do that here. It can automatically track participants in a voice channel/stage to give out the POAPs.
Giving away POAPs after the AMA, using a secret word could lead to people sharing that word and requesting POAPs for which they didn’t participate in the event.
Please distribute those codes only to those that participated in your AMA.


Thank you. Will apply for bot and have our Discord team get to work on it.

Is there anything like this for a YouTube livestream? What’s the best way to give out POAPs in that setting?

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Hmm, not that i know of as of now.
For platforms where you can speak, the secret word distribution method is probably the best. Keep in mind that we usually keep those drops at a lower volume, because they are pretty easily farmed.
See here for more information on that

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I love this idea and had been thinking something similar. Both in YT & Podcast.

Keep up the awesomeness