#21780 Sushipico POAP Request (Jan 10th, 2022)

Thank you for the great service!

Our team is creating digital artworks of Sushipico, cube-shaped sushi set: https://sushipi.co
We are also managing a Discord server with about 170 members, but we have decided to close the server to focus on the Twitter channel.

So we’d like to deliver the POAP to members to prove that we have stepped into the new NFT world together. We plan to use poap-bot to prevent duplicate claims.

I have already requested 170 codes about 48 hours ago, but nothing received for now. Please let me know if you need any additional information.

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Very nice art. Curation team made a positive review of your drop. It’s advised that you don’t use POAP-bot and just deliver the mint links manually.

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