#21764 BittyBuddha POAP S1E5 'That's THAT' 1/9/22

This POAP is for viewers who participated in the live premiere of ‘That’s THAT’ S1E5 on the BittyBuddha Youtube channel. Each week, a new POAP is attached to a new episode and adds to the larger collection of tarot card based POAPs. This is the 6th POAP of the collection.

There is a whitelist for any past BittyBuddha POAP collectors to get the latest one through poap.delivery for 24 hours following the premiere. Any new collectors will be directed to my Discord server and given direct links to claim their POAP.

This request is for 21 poap.delivery claims and 10 direct link claims.

Curators have made positive reviews of your requests.

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Excellent, thank you.

Is there anything I need to change to improve requests in the future? We have at least one POAP per week and I want to help expedite the approval process any way I can.