#21738 Update Request

Hello! Here is my original request for 21738 and some amplifying information. .

Event ID: #21738
Description: This is for people who attend our charity stream. Viewers must ask the streamer for a password, join our Discord and verify they are a human, and then interact with our custom bot and tell it the password to receive their mint link.
Date: Jan 7, 2022
Codes requested: 200
Distribution method: mint distributed via custom bot in our Discord server.

21738 is being distributed with a custom bot in our discord that ensures one unique link per unique discord ID. Our mods oversee the channel requesting the links and can shut it down if bots somehow managed to get verified and try to spam with multiple accounts.

Curators have made a positive review of your drop. We appreciate your patience and look forward to see your upcoming drops.

Thank you @worthalter! We are integrating POAPs into the quarterly planning for our events to make participation truly special!