#21733 - My Switzerland DMCA Takedown

We created an example POAP for My Switzerland on the 2nd January 2022 to get some attention for POAPs in Switzerland. On the 3rd January 2022 we already got a DMCA takedown notice from My Switzerland Tourism. Thanks to this we are in contact and try to figure out how to proceed from here to make POAPs a keepsake for your holidays in Switzerland! With this POAP we want to say “Thank You” for beeing part of this Twitter raid and it’s the proof that you were here for us on the very first day of POAP Schweiz

I’m planning to distribute the POAPs using individual codes through discord or twitter DMs so I can control farming. Will be a lot of work but I want to get these POAPs in the right hands.

Hey @0xDCP,
Your drop got accepted already 2 days ago.
Please check your spam folder if you didn’t receive anything yet.

Hey HeuRea

Thank you for your fast reply!
We are a bit confused atm with the new process :slight_smile:

Kind regards

There was a mail that I got approved in Discourse and the first was for the event creation.

The 88 codes you requested should be in your mailbox within 24 hours. Never got that in my mail.

You checked your spam folder too ?

Yes I did, nothing there too

I sent your mint links over DM.