#21715 Mad Realities OGs 1/14/22

Hello! I’m with Mad Realities (https://www.madrealities.xyz/), an interactive dating show. I talked with Superphiz about getting cleared, and he told me to head here. We have had a community for over 6 months, and without leaking alpha, we’re expecting a LOT of new people to come in, which is why we want to use POAPs to commemorate the OGs of the community who have been here since the start. I believe we need 1500.

To make sure this isn’t farmed, here’s how we will effectively distribute it:

I took a snapshot of the discord + twitter followers. We will open a Google form on the Discord for people to fill out their ETH address + twitter/discord handle. I will cross-reference and make sure they exist either on the Discord list or the Twitter list, and if so, put them on a list to later claim via POAP.delivery.

If there are any changes that should be made to this distribution model, please let me know.



I can vouch for this, pseudotheos and I did have a good conversation and I left feeling comfortable that he was using POAP appropriately.

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Welcome to the community @pseudotheos.

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Confirming this has received a positive review for 100 mint links. @pseudotheos please request additional if the show picks up steam :slight_smile:

I have 100 links, but would like an additional 1400 to make sure the current community members on Discord and Twitter can get covered. Is this possible? We want to open up the form ASAP and verify users this week to end up handing out on Friday.

If you want, I can get the list and find out the exact number we need and get back to you, if you can confirm we have approval for a larger amount- don’t want to have the community fill out a form and later say we didn’t get approved to give them out.

Thanks again

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That would be preferable. I see from what you have in mind this should be a one-per-valid-member situation, and the use case is cool.

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Alright. Setting up the form today, will get back to you with an exact number of users on Friday. If I get together a list of whitelisted ETH addresses, is it easier to use POAP.delivery to hand them out?

Thanks for the quick response!

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yes, definitely easier.

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Hey, sorry for the delay. I have a complete list and went through manually to clear out all the farmers who didn’t fit the claim criteria. I seem to have misplaced the edit code since it’s been so long, is there any way you can PM it to me? After that, I’ll set up POAP.delivery and get this going!

For reference, the full address list is:
People who participated in the Mirror crowdfund
People who followed on Twitter or were in the Discord pre-snapshot
All others (including duplicate addresses) were manually removed from the list.

Hey, just checking back in on this!

Hey, I’m in your inbox :slight_smile: